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Research Study on Conductive Education

With a grant from the Coleman Foundation, the Center for Independence and Governors State University are conducting a 2 year Research project on the impact of CE on a child's performance of functional skills.

Quantitative research in Conductive Education in the US is woefully lacking. Two years ago we undertook a research project that would attempt to objectively measure change in the performance of functional skills for children attending a Trans-disciplinary Conductive Education (TCE) program near Chicago. In collaborating with the research scientists and the therapists and conductors it was determined to measure change in 3 functional activities: hand to mouth, sit to stand, and ambulating. Children were identified to be part of the research study by recommendation of their treatment team (conductors and therapists). Each child’s parent gave consent for their child to participate. The research study protocol called for monthly data collection session to be closely timed with the alternating month on/month off attendance schedule for the school age children.
Read entire study.

Case Study on CE participant over an 18 month demonstrates clinically significant functional improvements. See attached for details

Access to Partners

Partner for Access to Therapy is a coalition of nonprofits committed to increasing awareness regarding the negative consequences faced by children with disabilities due to physical, occupational and speech therapy capitations imposed by private health insurance companies. We are committed to children accessing therapy services, based on medical need, not on superficial limitations based on cost containment strategies.

Children with disabilities age 3 through 18 are being denied or given limited access to insurance coverage for essential therapeutic services. Please download info about how to join with us in forming a coalition.

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